How to Sell Used Clothing Online


NCMCollections on Ebay and Poshmark

Choose Clothing That’s In Good Condition

Selling used clothing can be profitable, successful and even fun if you follow a few basic steps.  One of the very first decisions is choosing what to sell.  Many people have the opportunity to dig through overflowing closets in their homes.  Others like to shop thrift stores for hidden gems.  Both are great ways to find treasures to sell.  Choose items that are in good, if not excellent condition.  I personally love finding clothing to sell that still has its original sales tags!  Customers love this too.    They know they’re buying an item that hasn’t been worn yet and snagging a deal.

Worn clothing will be considerably more difficult to sell.  I’m not saying you can’t sell that 15 year old flannel you wore doing yard work every weekend, but you’ll have to get a little creative.  People have been able to sell worn clothing successfully.  You’ll have to price it extremely low and list every flaw.  If you happen to have a bunch of worn flannels a great option would be to sell them all as a “bundle”.  This may work if you have a few like sized items.


Launder, Press, Hang

Now that you found a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit or is just not your style it’s time to prepare it for selling.  If it’s “new with tags”, great!   No laundering required.  If this is an item that’s been in your closet for awhile or something you found at the thrift store, person-looking-searching-cleanyou’ll definitely need to wash it.  Think about how you would like to receive an item.  Launder and iron every used item you sell.  Not only is this the best for your customers, it makes for beautiful pictures in your listing.  Include that you’ve gone through the trouble to launder and press your clothing in your description of the item. Toward the end of my item descriptions I always include that this gently used item has been “Freshly Laundered and Pressed”.  This shows your customers that you are neat, conscientious, professional, and a respectable seller.  Now that your items are sparkling and clean, hang them up and cover with a garment bag so they stay that way!

Take Clear Photos

Selling an item online means that the buyer is not able to physically touch and inspect it.  They are relying on you to take clear photographs and give an accurate description.  One of the first things a buyer sees is your photograph.  Don’t let a dark photo or a messy looking display of your clothing send them to the next seller.  Here are some basics for getting a great picture:

  • Set up your photo shoot.  Have your clothing ready and on hand.IMG_2996
  • Hang your clothing on a nice hanger or invest in a simple hanging mannequin to display your clothing on.
  • Place it against a light or white wall or door.  There should be nothing in the background. The more natural light you have the better.
  • Take many different shots of your clothing.  Close ups, inside tags, backside, special features or buttons, etc.
  • Include a clothing tape measure in your pictures for perspective and accurate sizing description.
  • Do not hide flaws!  Take a picture of that pen mark on the sleeve of your jacket and include this within
    your description.
  • The more pictures you include, the better.


Taking photos of clothing to sell online has recently become an “art”.  A new and trendy way to display your clothing is to display it folded along with accessories to highlight your item.  Many articles have been written on this.  Some sellers like to model their clothing.  A quick online search can provide lots of ideas on how to display your clothing. 

Create an Online Account and Listing Your Item

There are a variety of websites that cater to selling clothing online.  A simple search can provide you with a list of them.  One of the original online sales platforms is “Ebay”.  Ebay is great for selling a variety of items, from cars to clothing all in one place.  One of the newer online sites is “Poshmark”.  Poshmark is geared toward selling only clothing, new and used.  It has a unique boutique feel.  Everyone that signs up is given a “closet”.  This is where you can display your profile and clothing.  I sell under the name NCMCollections on both Ebay and Poshmark.

All online websites require payment for online services somehow.  Some charge an upfront fee for listing an item, while others are reimbursed after your sale.  These charges and policies can be found along with all other important information online.

Now that you’ve chosen which online site to sell your clothing on and created an account, it’s time to list it!  For many people this can be the most daunting part of selling online.  It doesn’t have to be.  Don’t expect your first listing to be perfect and that’s OK!  Start out with something small.  If this is your first time listing an item, take your time.  After a few listings you’ll get the hang of it and it will become routine.  Maybe you’ll help-1276257_960_720think of something to add to it later.  With most sites you’re able to come back later and edit if you wish.  Online selling is very self explanatory and will direct you step by step.  If you need help contact customer support or check the online tutorial.

Write an Accurate Description

An accurate description of your clothing is essential.  A big part of purchasing online is trust in the person you are purchasing from.  A great way to gain buyers trust is being as transparent as possible with your garment description.  If a buyer purchases something from you with a flaw you didn’t tell them about it could result in a negative review. Reviews are very important for sellers.  Reviews tell the public if you’re trustworthy or not.  Here are some major key descriptions to include:

  • Category of clothing (men’s, women’s, children’s)
  • Size
  • Brand name
  • Condition (New With Tags, Used)
  • Color and pattern
  • Material and washing instructions (check the inside tags)
  • Any flaws (stains, rips, wear and tear)

You may think of more.  You may want to describe the occasion or season for the clothing. Any details you can provide makes it that much easier for the buyer to purchase from you.

Pricing Your Clothing

dollar-sign-blackA great way to determine a price for your clothing is to do a little online research.  Try typing in your item on Ebay or other online retailers and see what your item is going for new and used.  If you can’t find your specific clothing item try to find something very similar. Take into consideration the condition of your item.  You can change your listing price if it doesn’t sell quickly.  On the other hand, if you’re in a hurry to sell set a low price and watch it fly out the door!

Package & Shippackage-1850776_960_720

Congratulations you made your first sale!  Now that you made your first sale it’s time to
package up your clothing and mail it.  Taking the time to fold and package your item shows your customer you really care about them.  Neatly fold your item.  Wrap your item with tissue paper.  A nice finishing touch is a simple thank you note letting them know you appreciate their business and invite them back for future purchases.  Ask your customer for a review of the item.

Follow Up With Your Buyer

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to follow up with your buyer.  Tracking mail is generally standard procedure and gives both parties peace of mind that the item has been delivered.  Always respond to buyers questions before and after the sale.  Be professional, courteous and understanding.  This could lead to a loyal customer and more sales.  Good luck!


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