How to Iron and Sew a Patch on a Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts Vest/Sash Tutorial

The method I use to attach a patch to a Girl Scout vest is to first iron on the patch and then sew it in place.  Some folks like to iron on the patch and leave it at that.  This may work in the short term, but I’ve heard the patches will slowly peel off the fabric.  It’s not often that a vest would need washed, but if it did those ironed on patches would almost surely come off in the laundry.  Who wants double the work putting those little things back on?  Save yourself some time down the road by either hand sewing or machine sewing to secure the patches in place.  Another great idea is to have your Girl Scout sew those patches on.


Thread Sewing Sew Tailor Scissors Craft Needle






You’ll see there are a few tricks I use when ironing on the badge.  I’ve noticed that some badges will iron on just great, while others no matter how much heat you put on them won’t stick at all.  I’m guessing it has something to do with the lining on the back of the badge.  Some badges come with directions in the little plastic bag you receive them in.  I follow these directions as you’ll see below.

First pick the spot on the vest where the badge is to be placed.  In general there are specific areas for specific badges, crests, awards, etc.  If you’re not sure where to put the badge, check out where to place insignia on the Girl Scout website.


IMG_3381Next, I iron the place on the vest where the badge will go.  I use a little steam with a hot iron.  Careful not to burn the vest.

IMG_3384After about 30 seconds of a hot iron back and forth I press on the patch.  You’ll need a thin piece of scrap fabric to put over the badge.  I use a piece of an old sheet, it’s great because it’s not too thick and still lets the heat get through.  Place your scrap fabric over the badge and iron again for about 30 seconds back and forth.  Now take the fabric off.  The badge should be stuck to the vest pretty good by now.  If it’s not, then you’ve gotten one of those badges that just won’t iron on.  So if that’s the case then just stop right now and move on to the sewing. If your badge is stuck on, great, now turn your vest to the other side place the scrap fabric over the back of the vest where the badge is and iron again for about 30 seconds.  Some may think that ironing the badge is a waste of time, but I find it helps when I sew to keep it in place.  It also gives the badge an extra flatness to it on the vest.










Time to sew!  I’ve found the best all around thread to use is clear plastic.  Badges come in so many different colors.  In addition, you’ll be able to see through it on the badge so you’re not looking at stitching.










Voila!  You’ve done it!  Is there a sewing badge for Mom Scouts?


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