What is Poshmark?

1024px-Emojione_1F914.svgWhat is Poshmark?

It’s a mobile and online market place for fashion. Both sellers and buyers can search listings, favorite items and closets, and even negotiate listed prices.  It’s a used and new clothing marketplace that makes for scoring great deals on brand name clothing!

Every person that signs up for Poshmark is assigned a “Closet”.  This is where a seller showcases their clothing, shoes and accessories.  It’s a great format for you own little clothing shop!  Your front page can be customized along with the closet name.  You even have the opportunity to feature a picture of yourself.

As a buyer you have all of these great features too.  You can enter in the brands you like and clothing size to make shopping easier.

In my next blog posts I’ll be featuring some of the closets I’ve found on Poshmark and great deals.  Make sure to follow today to be notified of some great finds before their gone!


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