Poshmark Bundle Discount

mannequin-312526_960_720Can’t decide my dear?  Just buy both!

Poshmark sellers offer new and used clothing online for low prices.  Not only can you find low prices on Poshmark listings, they can go even lower when you bundle.  What is a bundle you ask?  You’ve come to the right place.  I know a thing or two about it since I’m a Poshmark seller.  A bundle is simply a way to buy more/save more.  Bundles start at a discount of 5% off the purchase of two or more items and can go up from there.  It’s really all up to the seller.  Typically I see a bundle discount of 10% to 15% off the purchase of two or more items.  Sellers have the option to offer a bundle discount on their closet.  Most closets I’ve seen offer the bundle option.  As a seller, I like having this option.  It’s gives me the ability to put my entire closet on sale without changing each items’ listing price.  Although, there are advantages to lowering the price of listings too.  I’ll save that for my next post 😉


Here are a few beautiful Poshmark Closets that offer great deals on clothing and accessories and great bundle discounts ~
























Check out these wonderful closets for great deals on beautiful clothing and accessories at super low discounted prices!  And remember to bundle, bundle, bundle for the best deal! Until next time….Happy Poshing!



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