Thinking of Joining Poshmark?


Looking for a way to save money this New Year? Poshmark is a great free app people use to save money on clothing, accessories, make up and more.  It’s very easy to use and such a great way to find used and new items from everyday people looking to get rid of their closets.  I use it all the time for items I no longer wear or clothing my kids have outgrown.  Many times sellers are really looking to get rid of items so they will negotiate with you on the price, especially if you buy more than one item from them.  How many other online retailers let you do that?

If your looking for another way to save other than the great bargains you’ll find there, sign up using my Coupon Code, NCMCOLLECTIONS to receive $5 OFF!  Get started today and stop by to say hello when you sign up 🙂


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