February Closet Renewal

Ah February.  Well, it’s not my favorite month of the year, however, I’m trying to put a good spin on it by being productive.  When I say productive, I mean cleaning, indoors.

What a great time for an early spring cleaning.  When the weather is bad and too darn cold to even step outside what can I do inside that I would NOT like to do on a nice day?  Hmmmm…..clean my clothing closet 😦  Again let’s put a good spin on this 🙂 Out with the old and in with the new!  Wait, that means I get to go shopping right? Yes! I told you we could put a good spin on this, haha!  Now, what to pitch? Everything I think. No, no, not that pretty pink sweater I just bought.  Definitely those dress pants I never wear because they don’t fit!  Here is my rational for what to donate and re sale~

  1.  Ok, I haven’t worn this thing for over a year now – time to go!
  2. The obvious – this doesn’t fit!
  3. I just don’t like how this looks on me.
  4. I never really liked this, I just kept it
    because it was a gift.
  5. When a white shirt isn’t white anymore, time to pitch it!
  6. Something that is just really, really, dated.

Most of all, don’t stress.  So far I’ve stretched this closet cleaning thing out for a few days.  I get to it when I feel ready to work.

What do you like to do when the weather is bad?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy February!


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