Falling For These Trends!

Hello Friends!

Fall is such a wonderful time to welcome change in our wardrobe.  The northeast fall weather has brought lows in the 20s so I think it’s safe to say I can now officially put those shorts to the back of the closet 🙂  Which is fine by me, I’m welcoming the new fall wardrobe and trends!  Bring on the chunky sweaters, boots, jackets and oh so lovely deeper autumnal colors.

The chunky sweater is back – off the shoulder, over sized, long and cropped!  I’m loving the warmth and comfort these sweaters bring.  Paired with leggings, jeans or booties you can’t go wrong!


We are seeing a change from muted colors to deeper richer colors.  The deep rich mustard like color called Ochre is a refreshing change.  You’ll see it popping up on tops, sweaters, booties and this gorgeous blazer……….


Jewel tones are trending especially deep purples and magenta.  You’ll find these royal colors in everything from scarves, sweaters, blazers and this gorgeous dress.


I’m so welcoming plaid back to the mix and especially houndstooth!  Loving the patterns in the classic black, red and white of course.


Everything this fall is pairing so nicely with a black purse or trendy little quilted back pack.


These trending fall fashions will be a staple in your closet through the rest of the season and beyond into winter.  Add one or two to spruce up last years collection.  You’ll find all the beauties talked about here today in my closet @ncmcollections on the Poshmark app.  Not only will you be right on trend you’ll get it at a great price!  Stop by and say Hi today!

Not on the Poshmark App yet?  Use my closet name – NCMCOLLECTIONS for $5.00 towards your first purchase!  Yay!

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Wishing you a wonderfully happy and fashionable fall 🙂




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