New to Poshmark

I’m new to Poshmark, but not new to selling online.  Years ago after I had my two children I sold lots of maternity clothing and baby clothes on Ebay.  Back then Ebay was relatively new.  I was successful at figuring out how the selling platform worked, posting, shipping, etc.  It was a great way to make a few extra dollars.  I stopped for awhile because I was just so busy with my house and raising my children.  Now that my children are a little older I have more time to devote to selling online.

Poshmark vs. Ebay……………..

I heard about Poshmark and it looked very interesting!  So I thought I’d give it a try.  It’s definitely different than Ebay.  I wouldn’t say one is better than the other, I think they each have their strong points.  Poshmark is mainly clothing and accessories, while Ebay is everything under the sun 🙂  Poshmark also has lots of new “boutique” items.  There is a sense of community within Poshmark with the sharing of closets and clothes.  Although the sharing can be a little overwhelming and time consuming.  Since starting back into the online selling game I’ve sold a few items on each platform.  I think both are great.   For now I’ll just see where each takes me and my used clothing sales.

Are you new to selling online or just starting out on Poshmark like myself?  What are your thoughts on Poshmark vs. Ebay?poshvsebay

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