Give Sewing a Try

Give Sewing a Try

I know that sewing is not for everyone, but I think everyone should give it a try.  Maybe sewing was never on your radar or your thinking you’ll need tons of lessons, training and time to sew.  We could come up with a million reasons of why not to do something. Here are some great reasons why you should give sewing a try:

  1.  Unless you’re a robot, everyone’s weight fluctuates.  It’s nice to be able to take in clothing if you loose some weight.
  2. Dress pants usually always need hemmed and it will cost you to have them professionally hemmed.
  3. Sewing comes in handy when there’s a school performance or a Halloween costume needed.
  4. Sewing Girl Scout Patches on Vests
  5. If you do wind up loving to sewing there’s about a bazillion crafty projects, gifts and DIY projects to have fun with your sewing machine!
  6. Sewing comes in handy not just for clothing but for home decor.  It’s fun to match up curtains and pillow cases and look like you just had a professional design your living room.
  7. Anytime you do something yourself it just saves you money$

So there’s seven reasons to at least try your hand at sewing.

Here’s a picture of my sewing machine:

FullSizeRender (2)

My first (any only) sewing machine.  A gift from my mother.  She was my inspiration to learn to sew.  As a child she handmade a lot of special dress, clothing and of course Halloween costumes for us kids.  Perhaps seeing her sew gave me the inspiration or confidence that I could do this too.  A free sewing class came with the purchase of this machine.  Nice, right?  That introductory sewing class taught me so much!  How to thread the needle, how to change a bobbin, how to use the functions of the machine.  So much in just a one hour class.  Imagine if I took more?!  After that class I kind of taught myself.  I’m still learning, but I’ve come a pretty long way.

I would first recommend looking for a friend or relative that has a sewing machine or someone that knows a little about sewing.  Perhaps they have a machine they wouldn’t mind you using.  If you don’t have anyone around you like this I suggest taking a beginners sewing class.  A simple internet search can provide you with businesses that offer this type of class. Maybe just a class or two to get the feel of what it’s like to use a sewing machine.  If it’s something you wind up liking, great!  Next I would recommend purchasing an inexpensive sewing machine.  There are so many great sewing machines that are very affordable.  Even if you just use it occasionally and start out small it’s always nice to have your own machine at home.  Read the instruction manual.  Get familiar with your machine.  Start out with a simple pillow case project and work your way up from there. Sewing can be a fun hobby and a useful skill.

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